Wild Pacific Trai

Wild Pacific Trail

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The Wild Pacific Trail is one of the most wonderfully dramatic trails here on the West Coast. It is part of the Ucluelet Hiking Trails Scene. The Wild Pacific Trail consists of three sections:

1 Lighthouse Loop
The original section is the Lighthouse Loop, the southern most section. Begin in the parking lot on Coast Guard Road and walk a short forest trail to oceanfront vistas. The trail is wide and level and leads along a windswept coastline that opens to gorgeous ocean views with lots of benches to sit and take in the beauty of Barkley Sound. Less than a kilometre from the start is the Amphitrite Point Lighthouse. Be sure to look for whales passing by at this point. with its panoramic view. Continue along the trail enjoying the many viewpoints, look for the eagle's nest on one of the islands. Both a smaller beach and Terrace Beach will come into view and there will be a walk down to both. Follow the trail again to loop back to the beginning or return along the same trail for a whole new perspective!

2. Big Beach Trail
The middle section of the Wild Pacific Trail network is Big Beach Trail. There are many picnic areas along this trail. At low tide the beach is accessible for walking - watch the tides because at high tides or stormy conditions the surf may be dangerous. Big Beach Trail at Matterson and Marine Drive goes sout down to the beach or north up stairs and along a boardwalk.

3. Brown's Beach & Artist Trail
The most northern section of the Wild Pacific Trail is Brown's Beach and the Artist Trail. Park at the 8.4km marker along the highway then walk along the trail to take in magnificient vistas of ocean coves, rocky shorelines and windswept trees. Check out the five canopy platforms, Painters' Perches, to get a raven's eye view. Be sure to keep an eye out for art offerings to the forest by local art elves.