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Resident & Migrating Tofino Whales
While resident whales are spotted until October, migrating whales grace our waters from February through May. During spring whales feed close to shore on their way north. Watch from shore or check out one of the many whale watching excursions to view these magnificent mammals.

Orcas, Greys and Humpbacks
The three types of whales you may see in Tofino are Orcas, Greys and Humpbacks. There is one species of Orca and two races live near the BC-Alaskan-Washington coast: Residents and Transients. Their social habits, range and diet differ even though they inhabit the same waters. A third group has been identified, the Offshores, but not much has been learned about this population to know if they are a distinct race.

Best Tofino Whale Watching
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